C Series

Excellent Reliability & Excellent Durability

With its excellent reliability, the C series diesel engine is regarded as KING OF POWER in domestic construction machinery market. With power ranging from 135 kW to 235 kW and in compliance with China III off-road emissions standard, the C series engine is the first choice of power for exported construction machinery and domestic high-end construction machinery.

The C series engine contains the technologies of the imported engine of the CATERPILLAR 3306 of America. Key machining, inspecting and testing equipment for the engine was imported when the CATERPILLAR 3306 engine was being introduced. In 2006, SDEC upgraded the C series engine in corporation with FEV (Germany) to improve its power performance as well as fuel economy and to reduce its emissions. The upgraded C series engine has high power, low fuel consumption and excellent reliability, carrying on the legend of KING OF POWER.

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