D Series

Power Output: 110-290 kW

The D683 diesel engine is specifically designed for marine applications. The engine is characterized by compact structure, small volume, and light weight, low emissions, low noise and high power with power ranging from 110 to 290 kW and speed ranging from 1500 to 2500 rpm.

The D683 diesel engine is applicable to propulsion power for high-speed patrol boats, yachts, traffic boats, working boats and fishing boats, cargo boats and tugboats, as well as to the power for marine generator sets and marine auxiliary power system.

Technical Features

6-hole high-pressure fuel injector combined with ω-shaped combustion chamber provides optimized air-fuel mixture; efficient fuel cooler results in a good fuel economy over a wide power range;

Wet cylinder liner of alloy cast iron, reinforced forged crankshaft, crankshaft and connecting rod bearings with strong bearing capacity, water-cooled exhaust manifold, and full-electronic monitoring instrument overlooking engine running offer safe operation and high uptime.

Optimized combustion combined with turbocharger and intercool technology produces reduced pressure rise rate during combustion, as well as full and soft combustion.

Precisely machined parts result in smooth engine operation and low engine vibration and noise.

Compact bore spacing, low piston compression height, integrated parts, and all accessories integrated in the cylinder block lead to reduced dimensions, light weight and easy maintenance.

Authorized Certification

CCS Certificate issued by China Classification Society;

Passed the certification to be compliant with IMO II emission standards by China Classification Society.

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