W Series

Power Output: 500-665 kW

The W series engine with its technical criteria up to international advanced level is newly designed and carefully made by SDEC to meet the demand of the generator sets market for high power.

The engine can respond quickly to load change. Its fuel economy is excellent and its emissions remain very low. The engine features compact structure, high reliability, good fuel economy, low noise and attractive appearance.

Technical Features

4 valves per cylinder, mechanical governor and P11 high-pressure fuel injection pump effectively improve combustion and emissions; optimized low fuel consumption curve results in low fuel consumption in common operating conditions.

Robust cylinder block, rear gear train and properly distributed reinforcing ribs provide the engine with good stiffness, compact structure, low vibration and noise.

Optimized cam profile reduces impact force and improves reliability and durability.

Optional electric/manual pump for pre-supply of oil provides moving parts with lubrication before engine starting.

Powerful with large power reserve and quick acceleration.

Perfect protection and control system equipped with a domestically advanced intelligent diesel engine monitoring device of the ED211M6 series can automatically measure and display the engine speed, coolant temperature, oil temperature and pressure, and automatically give an alarm and stop engine operation once the engine parameters exceed the limits, and can achieve a remote control.

Authorized Certification

CCS Certificate by China Classification Society;

Passed certification to be compliant with IMO II emission standards by China Classification Society.

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