H Series

Power Output: 62 -185 kW

The H series engine is jointly designed by SDEC and RICARDO of U.K. based on Chinese market demand characteristics and by reference to the mature technologies of advanced engines in the world. The H series is a world-class power platform developed and made in accordance with the GPDP development process and the SAIC MOTOR manufacturing standards.

Featuring compact structure, wide power range, high reliability, good fuel economy and low vibration and noise, the engine is an ideal power for generator sets of prime power of 50 to 150 kW.

Product Features

Four valves per cylinder and optimized air port swirl ratio and combustion chambers provide higher air intake efficiency. P7100 injection pump and vertically and centrally mounted injectors, as well as the application of new fuel mixing and atomizing technology result in improved combustion efficiency and reduced fuel consumption by 8% to 10 %.

Safe and reliable with service life (B10) of engine mechanical part in excess of 10,000 working hours.

Electronic governor of high precise adjustment effectively controls engine operation.

One-piece cylinder head, rear gear train, elastic connection and modular design make the engine small, light and quiet with NVH control leading in the industry.

Good cold starting performance with cold starting temperature as low as -15℃ without an intake air heating aid, providing strong environmental adaptability.

Compliant with the emission standards of China II for off-road equipment.

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