D series

Power Output:185~255 kW

The D series engine is jointly designed by SDEC and AVL of Austria. In 2005, SDEC cooperated with Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) of America to carry out a reinforcing design and 4-valve upgrading. All parts were designed and validated based on the power rating of 295 kW, providing a large margin of reliability in power range of 185 to 255 kW.

The D series diesel engine is characterized by high reliability and good fuel economy. The engine is relatively new with advanced technical criteria among the domestic mature engines. The engine has sold well for almost 20 years with over one million units in market. It is an ideal power for generator sets of prime power of 150 to 200 kW.

Product Features

Four valves per cylinder, robust cylinder block, one-piece cylinder head and key components of world-class brands provide high reliability and good fuel economy.

High product quality and good product consistency that are achieved by adopting the SAIC MOTOR manufacturing standards and the Volkswagen's engine quality control system.

Integrating design of components and parts for its overall structure results in reduction of its basic parts by 20% compared to a general diesel engine, providing simple structure and easy maintenance.

Good cold starting performance with its cold starting temperature as low as -15℃ without an intake air heating aid, and down to -30℃ with the aid, providing strong environmental adaptability.

Compliant with the China II emission standards for off-road equipment.

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