E Series

Power Output: 307~370 kW

The E series engine is jointly designed by SDEC and AVL of Austria. It is a brand new engine platform developed by referring to the current international-advanced engine application technologies and made with world-class equipment and according to the SAIC MOTOR manufacturing standards. The engine has two fuel systems for option: electronically controlled high-pressure common rail fuel system and mechanical fuel system with electronic governor.

The E series engine is safe, reliable and powerful. Its fuel economy is superior to that of the similar engines of the same power. The engine is applicable to medium- and high-end generator sets of prime power of 250 to 300 kW.

Product Features

Four valves per cylinder, overhead camshaft, rear gear train and robust cylinder block with bedplate allows a maximum allowable firing pressure of 190 bar, which represents advanced technology.

High product quality and good product consistency that are assured by automatic production lines of world-class brands such as MAG and manufacturing execution system, as well as by adopting the Volkswagen's engine manufacturing quality control system.

Service life (B10) of engine mechanical part exceeds 15,000 working hours. The engine reliability and durability bench test exceeded 20,000 hours accumulatively, and engine field test exceeded 10,000 hours, demonstrating high reliability.

Single overhead camshaft combined with roller rocker arm doubles the interval for valve clearance adjustment. Good cylinder seal design, fractured connecting rod and multiple oil filtration lead to easy maintenance.

The engine operates well at an ambient temperature of 40℃. Without an intake air heating aid, it can start at temperature as low as -15℃, providing strong environmental adaptability.

Compliant with the emissions regulation of China II for off-road equipment.

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