25G\27G Series

Power Output:445~662 kW

The G series V-type engine (SC25/27G) is improved by SDEC on the basis of the 12V135 diesel engine that is special for generator sets with major upgrades in engine quality, reliability, fuel economy, NVH and appearance. The SC27G engine’s stroke is extended to 155 mm. Most parts of the G series V-type engine are interchangeable with those of the 12V135 diesel engine. Made in accordance with the SAIC MOTOR manufacturing standards, the G series V-type engine series is a first power for standard generator sets of prime power of 350 to 550 kW.

Major Improvements

Improved gaskets for all connections to enhance engine reliability.

Adopted two symmetrical water pumps and two oil symmetrical pumps to promote cooling and lubricating ability, reduce water tank volume, and make the engine operate well in regions of different ambient temperatures.

Employed two-piece exhaust pipe to improve structure in terms of leak-proof, reducing leakage probability. The air intake manifold was changed into iron casting structure.

Redesigned fuel line, optimized layouts of outside piping, air filter, as well as guard and shield to make engine appear in good industrial design.

Adopted fractured connecting rod leads to provide easier service and maintenance.

Updated to meet the emission standards of China II for off-road equipment.

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